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08/03/2016 16:08:06 PM

There is a will, there is a way

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My name is Nguyen Thi Lan, a member of Center No.10 at Thang Loi (Tuan Giao). When I first started raising chicken in 2010. Having limited budget, I was only able to buy 50 chicks at Tuan Giao market that had no clear source of origin. In addition, I also had little knowledge and experience in raising chicken. As a result, diseases wiped out half of my chickens and caused me severe lost.

In December 2011 when I really needed extra fund to restart my business, STU project came to my area. Aftering listening to explanation of project officers about the project’s services and policies, I discussed with my family and decided to borrow from STU.

Receiving 10 million dong from STU, firstly, I went to Institute of Poultry Husbandry in Hanoi to learn proper technical knowhow and buy quality chicks. I learnt three important lessons from specialists at the institute that helped me to succeed in my business:

        -  Firstly, good quality chicks that have reliable source of origin ensure product quality and production

   -  Secondly, vaccinization is of utmost importance. Pay attention to origin of vaccines and have proper way to store vaccines.

        -  Thirdly, temperature of hen-coop is decisive to the growth of chicken. I use themometer to keep temperature at desired level. If it goes higher than 320C, I use fan to reduce it.

I used the rest of the loan to buy corn and rice for the chicks. Gradually, by the end of 2012, I have had 200 chickens. In 2013, I attended a techinical training organized by STU project when I could learn from specialists at Agriculture Extension Center of Dien Bien province.

Thanks to increased loans after each cycle and improved knowledge, skills and experience, I was able to expand my chicken business from the first 50 chickens to 500 chickens by the end of the third year and currently 1,000 chickens. I also knew how to advertise my product to clients in Tuan Giao District. I also reached out to Dien Bien Phu City and Hanoi.

My family’s economic condition is so much better now. My chicken business has been expanded gradually. Thanks to the project, I could build saving habit and know how to manage my family business.

STU’s lending principles are different from other financial institutions operating in my area. At the beginning, I and some other women in my community were hesitated. But understanding credit officer’s explanation, I decided to join. My experience in the last four years showed that installment repayment is convenient. I have explained to other women and persuaded 15 others to join the project. Nowadays, the families in my community that borrow from STU use their loan effectively and gradually improve their economic well-being.

In the future, I plan to expand my business to 2,600-2,700 chickens in order to meet market demand and create jobs for 3-4 local people because I see that there is still great potentials in the market and that I have accumulated useful experience in management and husbandry techniques.