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04/08/2015 14:00:20 PM

Rising above misery

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At 24 years old, Luong Thi Tien, has soon gone through tragic events in her life. Her husband passed away one year after their marriage due to HIV, leaving her with their newly-born baby girl. Tien was once so desperate and even wanted to commit suicide. But she tried to move on thanks to her family’s empathy and encouragement.    

In October 2012, Tien joined STU. Getting her first loan of VND 8 million, she raised her first herd of pigs. After more than four months, she sold them and earned about VND 18 million.

In 2013, Tien and her family piloted planting Hibiscus on a total area of nearly 1 hectare. By participating in this model, she learned how to grow and process Hibiscus from Madam Mai Thi Tan, the first scientist to develop Hibiscus in Vietnam.

Ms. Tien attends Hibiscus technical training workshop

Tien also received training on how to start and manage a business conducted by CFRC staffs. She was able to apply what she learnt immediately into her Hibiscus business.

Ms. Tien sells her products at Hibiscus Festival in October 2013

After more than five months, Tien and her family harvested and was supported by CFRC to package, market and sell their products. By the end of 2013, they have made more than 200 million in revenue. The family plan to reinvest in a new Hibiscus crop, several rooms for rent and a new coffee shop where she will sell her Hibiscus products. A new chapter of her life has begun.