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05/08/2015 13:52:55 PM

Milk fund for HIV-exposed children

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Dien Bien province has one of the highest rate of HIV prevalence in Vietnam. In the first 10 months of 2014, there were 291 new cases of infection, it means there is a new HIV-positive people every two days. As of December 2014, 7,528 people in Dien Bien province were diagnosed with HIV.

But most heartbreakingly, newly-born children of poor HIV-positive mothers do not have enough milk to feed on, some even have to drink rice boiling water because their parents cannot buy them milk.

During the time CFRC implemented project “Microfinance for PLHIV”, a concerned raised many times by healthcare centers was how to find a stable source of milk for HIV-exposed babies in poor and low-income families to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission through breastfeeding.

Thus, CFRC came up with the initiative: Milk fund for HIV-exposed children.

The program was first started in December 2013. After a year, VND 116,014,000 was raised from individual benefactors and 357 cans of powdered milk were donated by Nam Duong Company. Thanks to the donation, every month, CFRC provided powdered milk to 18 children under 18 months old. Thanks to the program, the children had enough nutrition to grow healthily.

Let's join us to help these children!