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21/01/2014 16:13:32 PM

From nothing to Micro-entreprenuer

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Ms. Truong Thi Dzung dwells in Quang Trung Ward, Uong Bi. She is member of Transaction Unit No.1 of Uong Bi Fund for Women Promotion. More than 15 years ago, when Vietnam Government started to encourage private sector, they won a bid to use the ward’s pond to raise fishes and shrimps. However, their annual income was very modest due to the lack of capital for investment.

In 1999, she was one of the first members in her area to join Uong Bi Fund when it expanded to Quang Trung Ward. Ms. Dzung was elected to be center chief.

In the first cycle, she was able to borrow VND 500,000. Even though it was not a big amount of money, they could use it to invest more into her chicken and duck flocks. Husbandry at that time did not yield high profit but it helped create jobs for her children and accumulate financial resource for bigger plan.

In following years, she kept borrowing higher loans to invest more in her husbandry business. Her family also made good efforts to earn a living by different ways. They utilized the pond of 10ha to grow lotus. Income from this source was reinvested. In 2008, she borrowed Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development to purchase a truck for her son to do transportation business.

In 2010, thanks to fund from Rabobank, Uong Bi Fund could expand its coverage and raise loan size for current members who have good business plan. Ms. Dzung was approved a loan of VND 15 million. Her monthly income is now VND 10 million on average. Her achievement was well recognized by the “Citi Micro-Entrepreneur Award” in 2011. Ms. Truong Thi Dzung was one of three members of M7-Uong Bi who received the award.

 I cannot imagine our life without the support of Uong Bi Fund! The Fund has helped us a lot. Apart from loans, we also learn new things, share experiences and useful knowledge to each other. - Truong Thi Dzung

She has gone through a long way full of struggle to get to that place. And, Uong Bi Fund for Women Promotion has been one of her good companions on the way to a better-off future.