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29/08/2015 09:49:01 AM

Everything I do I do it for my children

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In July 2012, CFRC started a project to expand its microfinance services to people infected and affected by HIV. The new move open a whole new opportunity to people who are not creditable enough to normal commercial bank or even Vietnam Bank for Social Policies. After one year, three M7 organizations have recruited 154 target clients, out of whom 43 are member of STU Tuan Giao.

Ms. Ca Thi Hinh joined STU in October 2012. She lives in Bong village, Quai To Commune with her two little sons. Her husband passed away more than five years ago due to HIV. Only until his death did she learn that she was also affected by HIV. The whole world seemed to crashed before her eyes. The young couple was planning to save and build their own house. However, “the money was nearly enough but the husband soon left them and brought everything away with him”.

Looking at her two little sons, one was 3 years old and the other was only 1 year old, she said to herself that she had to live for them, to bring them up.

She joined Sunflower group, a group for women living with HIV, in Tuan Giao District. In October 2012, after being introduced to STU, she came to the office to register. She then became the 855th member of STU Tuan Giao.

Before joining STU, Ms. Hinh and her two children lived on a tiny rice field which does not produce enough rice for the small family and an unstable income from working for a small food shop in the township.

In November 2012, after attending two member training sessions, she received her first loan of VND 3 million. She said: “At first, I intended to buy pigs. However, I gave the idea a second thought and saw that my health condition did not allow me to take care of the pigs. Thus, I changed my plan and decided to raise goats because they can find food themselves on the hill at the back of my house and they can find their way back to my house, hence, I don’t have to look after them.”

She finally purchased a pair of goat weighting 52kg in total at VND 80,000 per kg. The two goats costed her VND 4,610,000 in which 1,160,000 was her own money. The female goats gave birth to two little goats not long after her purchase. After three months, she had 8 goats.

She sold two young goats at VND 100,000 per kg and earned VND 4.3 million. In the meantime, she still continued to work for the food shop. She said “I don’t have any difficulty in repaying installments. My outstanding loan is only more than 1.5 million. My salary for one month working at the food shop can cover that.”

The income was 1.5 times higher than the amount she borrowed from STU but she did not have to pay it back to the project. She used the sale proceeds to pay for her sister’s tuition fee and pay for her appendix surgeon in April 2013. At that time, when she came to the hospital for appendix surgeon, she heard a female voice say “This woman is going to die, why we should save her?”. She was very upset at what that female doctor said. When STU came to give her hospitalization benefit, we tried to sooth her that STU and other members sympathized and supported her, which really cheered her up. As Ms. Hinh also a member of M7MPA, she also received benefit of VND 210,000 for 7 hospitalized days.

When she came home, her two sons cried out loud “Mom, why you are so miserable. When we grow up, we shall not let you live miserably anymore”. She had to try to hold her tears when she told us about this, and so do we. This mother must be very strong.

She shared with us her future plan that she wanted to continue staying with STU to borrow more and buy more goats to raise her goat flock up to 100. And, she will try her best to give her sons full education. 

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