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21/02/2014 15:24:46 PM

Vietnamese government assigned CFRC to implement MPA project

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CFRC is one of the first organizations to pilot Microinsurance for low-income people in Vietnam since 2009. However, due to some challenges, some stopped providing this service. Despite the fact that M7MFI dropped out from MPA (Mutual Protection Association) program, CFRC still commits to maintain this product for our clients.

On 26 June 2013, Vietnamese Government issued Official paper No. 5151/VPCP-KTTH, allowing CFRC to continue implementing MPA program under guidance of Ministry of Finance. The project will also serve as basis for Ministry of Finance to draft and issue legal framework on Microinsurance in Vietnam by end of 2015.

CFRC is now working closely with RIMANSI Inc. (Phillipines), the technical assistant to the project, and MOF to revise products, reinforce and expand the network.

Download: Official paper No. 5151/VPCP-KTTH