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08/03/2016 16:01:40 PM

STU member won Citi Microentrepreneur Award 2015

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On December 04, 2015, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lan, a member of STU Tuan Giao who has a successful husbandry model, was granted the Micro-Entrpreneurship Award 2015 by State Bank of Vietnam, Citibank and Vietnam Microfinance Working Group.

Mrs. Lan started to raise chicken in 2010. At that time, due to limited fund, she could buy only 50 small chicks in Tuan Giao market. However, because of low-quality chicks and lack of technique, her first flock of chicken did not grow well and was hit by diseases. As a result, she lost half of her investment.

In December 2011, STU Tuan Giao started in her area. Needing fresh money to restart her business, Mrs. Lan discussed with her family and decided to borrow from STU.

With the first loan of 10 million dong, she used half of the amount to go to Husbandry Institute in Hanoi to learn proper techniques and buy small chicks. The rest was used to buy corn and rice to feed her chicken. Finally, she succeeded. By the end of 2012, her business had 200 chickens. In 2013, she attended a technical training course organized by CFRC and learnt more from specialists from Extension Division of Dien Bien Province.

With higher funding, improved skills and accumulated experience, Mrs. Lan raised the size of her business to 1000 chicken. She has earned a good reputation within Tuan Giao District. She also advertised and sol her products to clients in Dien Bien Phu City, nearby districts and Hanoi. Her family’s financial situation has been improved substantially.

In future, seeing more opportunities in the market and feeling confident of herself, Mrs. Lan plans to expand from 1000 chicken to 2.600 chicken and hire 3-4 people to work for her. Her endeavour will wholeheartedly be supported by STU Tuan Giao and CFRC.