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29/01/2013 23:20:36 PM

M7 - Ninh Phuoc

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Supporting Fund for Women of Ninh Phuoc (SFW-NP) came into operation in July 2001 with sponsorship of ActionAid Vietnam. From 2001 to 2006, the fund functioned like an integral part of a poverty reduction project in Ninh Phuoc named “savings-credit program”. The program was carried out in three poor rural communes in Ninh Phuoc District, which are An Hai, Phuoc Hai and Phuoc Dinh.

In May 2007, the fund transformed into a social organization under Decision No. 941/QĐ-UBND by Ninh Phuoc Peoply Committee. After that, it expanded operation to a new commune, Phuoc Thuan.

In July 2008, it cooperated with Counterpart International to cover three potential communes in Thuan Bac District.


The establishment of SFW-NP based on a mission to improve living standard of the poor, especially poor women through a system providing savings – credit, risk management, technical and scientific, medical and social support, and in turn, improve women’s status at home and in society.

Target group

-          Poor women aged above 18 and low-income female workers who voluntarily join the fund and be eligible for borrowing to advance their household economic condition.

-          Disadvantaged women

-          Disabled women and children

-          Ethnic minority women and women living in far and remote areas

A member meeting of  Supporting Fund for Women of Ninh Phuoc

Ninh Phuoc Fund strongly believes that by participating in the fund, members can have better conditions to improve their material and spiritual life. They can avoid high- interest loans and shape saving habit. Trainings provided by fund’s officers will also teach members how to use money to develop their household economy and repay loans, how to reasonably spend money, at the same time, form a discipline in borrowing and repayment.

Accessing current situation in the area, Ninh Phuoc Fund perceives that there are still a lot of things to do develop its community. Whenever possible, the fund will act on the following projects:

-  Raising capital to expand operation area, enabling poor and poorest women in difficult region to borrow, helping them to self-employ to increase earnings and improve living condition of their family.

- Upgrading agriculture knowledge in production and breeding in order to adapt to market economy.

- Social disease health care for disadvantaged and ethnic monity women and children  

- Capacity building for fund’a staff

Moreover, it is also necessary to reinforce facilities and upgrade information infrastructure up to common standard of a social fund, moving towards an independent microfinance organization.

CFRC always collaborates and supports SFW-NP in realizing its mission and vision as well as in being an active part of M7 Network.

Address: 05 residential area - Phuoc Dan Town - Ninh Phuoc - Ninh Thuan
Tel: 068 3866 232
Email: m7_ninhphuoc@yahoo.com.vn
Legal representative: Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet - Director