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29/01/2013 23:10:12 PM

M7 - Dong Trieu

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Supporting fund for women of Dong Trieu
 was founded in accordance with Decision No 198/QD-UB dated March 5th 2007 by Dong Trieu People Committee. 
The Fund was founded in November 11th 1997, and operated since then under the model of Savings and Credit program for women, funded by ActionAid Vietnam (AAV). The Fund’s operation replicates the Grameen Bank model which provides microfinance services to poor women and creates opportunities for women to enhance quality of lives. M7-Dong Trieu aims at working for the interest of the poor, encouraging and supporting them to overcome difficulties, be financially and socially self-confident, reaching for better lives. The Fund operates based on its self-accounting and financial organizational reliance. 

Mission statement
"Supporting fund for women of Dong Trieu operates for benefits of poor people, empowers and assists them in overcoming hardship, participating more in socio-economic activities to improve their lives, takes an active part in poverty reduction; in the meantime, the fund must be financially  and operationally 

Through the operation, M7-Dong Trieu hopes to achieve the following social impacts: 
- Contribute to local poverty alleviation. 
- Enhance the status of poor women through promoting gender equality. 
- Improve the self confidence, communicative skills, behaviors and social relations of women, thus enhancing their roles and status in the community and enabling them to participate further in social activities. 
- Promote women to access financial services to expand their businesses and increase incomes, to save money in case of unexpectedly arisen events, to join mutual protection program to prevent risks…. 

With capable and hard-working staffs, M7-Dong Trieu is always among the leading member organizations in efficiency and productivity. 

CFRC's staff is supervising accounting records of a transaction office in M7-Dong Trieu

M7-Dong Trieu has united with M7-Uong Bi and M7-Mai Son to form M7-MFI. They have submitted application for license to the State Bank
 of Vietnam and is now waiting for the agreement from the Bank. 

General information
Address: 2nd level - Committee for people's mobilization - Dong Trieu - Quang Ninh
Tel: 033 3870 902
Email: m7_dongtrieu@yahoo.com.vn
Legal representative: Nguyen Thi Soat - Director